Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meals of the week!

This is a wonderful dish of Chic with Thyme. This is an experimental dish whereby I use up my lemons and add some thyme into this chic to create this delicious meal! Well we ate it with some salad and lemonade!
Well this one here is grill lambchops with some cranberry sauce and viola it taste good too. I came up with this dish here as I kinda miss those lambchops day of mine when in college! So here is one of the favourite lambchops of mine!
Fish of the day! Too much red meat so a bit of white meat to balance up the diet! Some linguine to go with the fish, not too bad! Yum!
So these are some of the meals that I cooked for the previous week. Hope that this will inspire some to cook well at home. All these home cook cost less than eat out, don't ya think so?

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