Friday, June 22, 2007

Ahhh... at last I made it!

At last, I kept my promised! I have been promising myself to bake a chocolate fruitcake one day......... which is one of my favourite cake during December! You must have guess, the stores only sells fruitcakes in December and I couldn't find any delicious fruitcake otherwise! This is the first time I made this chocolate fruitcake and surprisingly very successful! Yummy! Thanks to Debra, I tried her recipe and WOW, I can't believe I made it! Honestly, I thought I may have screw it and then have to patiently wait for a week before I can taste it, amazing! My hubby was eyeing on it everyday! Hehehhe....

So if you guys/gals out there wanna try it click on to this web page, and give it a try! Trust me you'll fall in love with it!

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