Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Dating Investment....

Came across an article about relationships and came to wonder how true it is as I can see everone is practising it. The title here is pricing.... came across to me as how much a boyfriend-to-be / husband-to-be would invest on his girlfriend-to-be / wife-to-be. Why I used the word to-be because it hasn't happen yet..... that is when how much guys would invest on his girls. When the relationship has gone further than that...... the whole issue of price and money would not be necessary.

Many many think that it is too materialistic to talk about money. Romance is what people are seeking for............ tell me how long does the romance lasts? A lifetime? Only in fairytales...... so is it romantic if you keep on feeding your guy all things romantic with your own pocket money? It is a true fact. How can one ignore it! How much would a guy invest on a girl depends entirely on the girl herself. How much does she thinks she's worth? How long does she thinks she can keep the guy a lifetime? A short period of time? ........................Nothing is forever.

What a girl wants in her life is important. Also the girl must know where she stands or else all things will not go right. From the " The Joy Luck Club (film)" base on best-selling novel written by Amy Tan shows a women's worth and their belief in their worth and pride, without these qualities, guys will take advantages and girls will loose out.

Where to go, what to wear, where to eat and what to do? All these things came into the picture if you are dating or just hanging out together. All these involve who's paying? Traditionally, guys will pay but hey these days women call for equality, so girls should pay too! Now since when majority of women's pay are higher than mens? If both parties are earning the same amount, still women will be spending more on cosmetics, which mens normally won't....... women will be buying lots more clothes and shoes and have their hair done all just to hang out/ dating with men, so again who has to pay? Women?

Men on the other hand invest all the money for what? One simple! Alright, not all men and women are the same but majority are. Think about it!

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