Saturday, June 30, 2007

The confuse identity!

Was having a discussion earlier on about the local dialect as in "Penang Hokkien" among the local chinese in Penang. The confusion came about when me and my hubby was having lunch at a local restaurant. Local means own by a local chinese 'Tng Lang'. What is so confuse is, a chinese restaurant serving chinese food in Malaysia must speak Chinese meh? How come they don't speak Malay / English? Yeah definately we all look like chinese but hey chinese is not the first language here though! Duh!
There are still many chinese in Malaysia who don't speak Mandarin! BUT they speak the local tongue, as in Hokkien!
What I want to mention here is, come on lah..... we are Malaysians, not Taiwanese or Hongkies or even China chinese! SO what is their problem of speaking Mandarin to Malaysians?
If a person speaks in Hokkien, does that make you a lower level person, compare to someone speak in Mandarin! What's wrong with the local restaurant here? DUH! Yeah I actually strongly support all chinese students speak Mandarin, so do not get me wrong, it's just that the idea of not speaking Hokkien piss me off! Don't they know that what so unique about Penang chinese people are the 'Penang Hokkien Version'! Don't you know that actually all Hokkien speaking species actually admire our "Penang Hokkien version"?
How many of our young kids these days speak hokkien? Only the so-called lower class people? Please take a moment to listen to the Taiwanese Hokkien version, the China Hokkien version, the Singaporean Hokkien version, the Southern Malaysian Hokkien version then you know our "Penang Hokkien" actually (chut mia ie!) :)

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