Saturday, June 2, 2007

James D

Ain't he cool? The most sexiest and coolest guy first known in America! James Byron Dean, born in Feb,8 1931.... sadly enough died in Sept, 30 1955. He was the all time favourite Bad-boy pop icon actor. He was one of the rare kind that both Men and Women find him sexy. Well, he became a legend due to his career and his tragic accident that cause his death at the tender age of 24. Sad huh........
Come on, this looks like a younger version of Brat Pitt! No wonder Pitt is soo.... popular these days! So, James Dean was popular beacuse he acted in Rebel Without a Cause as a troubled high school rebel filled with teenage angst. He also starred in East of Eden and the surly, racist farmer Jett in Giant. These movies that he acted in indicates that he is capable of playing different roles. He is a handsome fella climbing up in his career and up-coming star; but is fated that he can't enjoy his life much further. He met an car accident while driving in his new "Porsche 550 Spyder"- nickname the "Little Bastard". This is beacuse, this car has not only cause his death but also caused a lot of unfortunate events that occured to whoever came to contact with it. They said that it was cursed! How true is that you can find out yourself. Later report that sometime in 1960, the car mysteriously vanished. Dean has later evidently inspired a lot of creative people, including writers, directors, singers, etc. Dean has appeal mostly to the teenagers in America. Ironically, both men and women find him sexy. He was actually bisexual. His brief career combined with the publicity surrounding his death at a young age has indeed transformed Dean into a cult figure.


Pinky said...

Oh God! I thought is brad Pitt! He looks great!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info-sharing...dint know that he died so young have yu watch those movies that he acted in yet..?


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