Sunday, June 17, 2007

Healthy cooking habits

I came to read about different cooking styles that are available and found out that by choosing the correct way, you get to eat healthier too. Good cooking styles help to avoid excess fat and retain vitamins in foods.

Good cooking habits:
Grilling - adding flavour to foods and no fat such as vege, fish and chic.
Baking - no fat and lots of trapped nutritional juices.
Stewing - slow cooking which captures the gravy and juices.
Steaming - a better way to retain vitamins and minerals in vege.
Poach - small amount of liquid used can be made into a super-nutritious sauce.
Stir-fry – uses little oil and cook quickly to retain goodness. Yummy!

Bad cooking habits:
Frying – fat, fat and FAT!
Roasting – same, same ditto…
Boiling – bye bye to nutrients in the cooking water!

So, now you get to know how to cook healthier!

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