Monday, June 11, 2007

Act 2-The Faithful Cobbler

Saw Bedak kid today, he still fancy on covering his face with bedak and wearing his kikilala...... and this time he was wearing a pair of new Asadi-croc shoes. Well I met him at this shoe cobbler corner. This faithful cobbler was mending his shoes and his mum's and dad's shoes as well.
It fascinated him so he sat by there watching the cobbler working on all his customer's shoes. He told me his mum just bought him a new pair of shoes since he likes to run about in town. He will be wearing his old Bata slippers at home. His mum bought him a pair of Asadi-crocs shoes as they were kinda cheap and good...? Well originals ones are quite expensive though.
I kinda wonder why he was interested in the cobbler... well I found out that this cobbler was friendly and his services were reasonbly cheap and good. Few people mend their shoes these days as shoes were cheap and fashionable. One can change their tastes in shoes in a matter of days!?!
I don't blame them as a good pair of shoes that you'll wear up till years are hard to find and expensive. So who'll mend their shoes? I can't stop wondering that how long will this old faithful cobbler here survive in this trade.

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