Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brassiere - Chapter 1

Was having a discussion seesion with my fellow students about brassiere and body, and came to know that a lot of people out there, especially ladies still have no idea what a brassiere actually is and how to wear them and also how it protects our body.
Seems like this topic has become a hot topic and suddenly we were discussing about going on a field trip to visit the brassiere shop. I guess I know how most of you girls feel about buying brassiere and lingerie as I been through teenage and the process of becoming a woman then getting married!
Buying a bra is the most embarrasing moment to some, even mothers as well. The education in buying a suitable bra for oneself was being introduced from mother to child, never ever there is a course of a book to refer to. That is why there are still people out there has no idea whatsoever about buying brassieries. So in the end, many young and old ladies out there still has no idea of wearing a perfect bra!
In my opinion, education in this area is quite important, so why aren't there any formal education on this in high school? Instead, I heard alot of them in high school aparently bind up themselves to keep their boops from forming! That is really something our high school need to look into.

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