Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time to spring clean!

Megasale is on! Time to spring clean my wardrobe! I tend to spring clean my wardrobe once in a while when I buy new clothing. I would donate part of my wardrobe leaving behind the classic stuff and donate the rest to charity house,etc. I do this so that my wardrobe will not be enlarging each time I buy new stuff. I make a point to really sort out and give away the clothes that I don't wear anymore. Of course this practise always makes me feel that I am living in a minimalism lifestyle. Keep all things simple and confine is the motto of minimalism. Hope that my shoes and bags are not piling up too high. Hehhee!

Partly this movement is motivated by the size of my wardrobe but in a way I also feel that I do not waste the spaces around me. I make full use of all the spaces in my petite apartment. :) Well, I come to love confine spaces as I do not really enjoy cleaning up big houses and I have no interest in pest control department! Confine places are OK with me but not crowded places as I do easily faint! So, again I welcome the sale and bye bye to my old clothes!

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