Monday, March 31, 2008

World Music Festival is in town again....Yippie!

I pass by the roads and there they are..... the banners all pop out like mushroom after the rain. The World Music Festival is on again! Yippie Yeh... I am looking forward to attend as last year was a good one and the first in Penang too.....!! Now we do not need to travel to Sarawak and catch the show.

It was raining cats and dogs last year but we stayed until the end, hopefully it won't rain this year! *Pray to god* Well, if you people out there wanna join the fun... visit this website, as the event will starts on 2nd May till 4th May 2008. Last year was in July... so I guess they have move it forward to avoid rain!
See you there! Adios!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rice powder mask - Bedak sejuk!

I am not going to attach any photos here as I have already introduce this product long ago in my blog. Here I would like to mention that I am currently doing a survey on how many people actually is still using Bedak sejuk as a facial mask. So, do help me to perform this research! Thanks to you all! Do vote at the poll beside this webpage!
Adios people!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy Bee... me!

It's a holiday on Thursday.... and well, I just do not know why I get so energetic to do things during holliday when I am suppose to laze around and sleep the whole day. Maybe it is just not me. I am so used to find things to work on whenever I am free..... crazy me! That's what all my friends say!

So here they are, these muffins are baked in the morning. I had it made within few hours. Honestly, I just feel like making muffins and there goes. Luckily I had all the ingredients in my pantry. Here are the chocolate walnut muffins and the lovely honey muffins. The chocolate ones are not that successful while the honey ones are good. Well I love them both though!
Here's the quick dinner that I had last friday before going out with friends. My salami and roast beef delight! I was very full although I had like a few pieces only. :)
This is another quick fix for the night for both me and my hubby....... tomatoes and slice beef pasta! It was really yummy........ I had the pasta cooked directly with the tomatoes, and herbs; some bay leaves, rosemary and thymes. Will do this again!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Exotic Sahara Night

Beautiful Sahara desert has always been mysterious and gives us a sense of exotic and freedom. Well that's my defination on the Dream of Sahara. I highlighted this event because it is a Belly Dance showcase perform by students of Zero fitness dance studio in Penang, and I happen to be one of them... :)

This is the auditorium that we performed in, the banner here states the Dream of Sahara which is an appropriate theme for our performances. The event was on the 15th of March 2008. A wonderful saturday night fill with lots of excitement for those who attend and participate. A night that we all waited anxiously.
This is a beautiful performance from the dancers. They had use those tinkling Zils, also zills or finger cymbals, (from Turkish zil, "cymbals") to perform in this belly dancing as well. The coordination was marvelous, the timing and the spirit was really wonderful. Love the costumes, really gives you the Sahara feeling! Lots of camel, and belly roll as well. Well done!
Here are those cuties! Kids belly dance performances! They really twist and turn and shimmy well! Love them all, they are so lovely and cute. Like they say everything start from young! Even the hair cut are soooo.... Egyptian too, wow!
So this is our performances, we called it "Momo" as it is the title of the song. Well our group practice real hard on this, we hope everything turns out well....:P

We have consider everything from top to toe as well...... the costumes, jewelery, make-up and even the tattoo at our belly.... hah! To all my fellow belly dance friends, well done and hi-fives to y'all. All the hard work was really fantastic! Hope we can do this all the time... keep going! We all love the dance and we have really put our heart and soul in it, Kampateh!

Finally here is our beautiful instructor and choreographer, she had patiently help and bare with our mistakes all this while, all the best to you Conny! As we will be having another big event soon on May in conjuction with the World Belly Dance Day, all proceeds will go to charity as well. Hope to have support from all. See y'all there!

For more info, visit here:

Oh before I pen off, this is actually my favourite show of the nite. The Tibetian influence tribal belly dance. Quite an awesome display of strength, movements and creativity. Well, I have little exposure of tribal belly dance and I personally feel really tense and full of surprise whenever I watch the tribal belly dance, contrastly egyptian belly dance are quite feminine in a sense, the dance itself is full of curves and sensuality. Well, in short I just love the way that we have to move the muscle in our body, those muscle that you never know of!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy party food!

For an easy and quick fix for a party.... hehhe... I have some new stuff that I try here, Recipes from the TV show. Well it is easy and quick to make.

First we have Watercress soup, then we have the Salami ham delight, then lastly we had some delicious dessert..... the crunchy oat surprise.

Here's the watercress and the potatoes cooking away in the pan..... I have some celery in here too with either some stock of just water to boil the potatoes to make it soft... then some salt and pepper.

You can get the recipe here on this webpage..... :)

After it cooks for a while in the pan... transfer to a blender and blend up a storm. Viola... the watercress soup is almost done, mix some milk, DONE! Easy and quick to make. You can try this yourself and let me know! :)

Here's the Salami Ham delight..... nice picture huh! I bought this really nice baguette from a local bakery store. It's not the usual white flour baguette instead it is made of healthy rye and sunflower seeds. So, I bought some nice salami and ask them to slice it thin for me. So here you are, the awesome part is I have some shredded Parmesan and pepper on top, NICE!

Alrite, here comes the dessert! I have baked this Crunchy oat surprise in the oven and this is my first try on this.... hmmm... not bad I manage to get the ingredients I want a the "Cold storage" so that's why I give this a go. Well the surprise is it had bluberries in it, as you see it is hard to find here... so lucky I manage to get it!

Now you can see here the cruchy oat mix with blueberries in it! I have added some Drambuie to give it a kick! Heheheee..... Yummy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Love potion....

First of all, I wouold like to give a piece of advise to all those wives, lovers and girlfriends who cannot cook, it does not matter whether you can or cannot cook, as long as you put your heart and soul in it, it will tastes good, no matter what. Your partner will appreciate that you have try your best.... but most importantly.... YOU HAVE DONE YOUR BEST... and you must definately tell him/ her so! That's the love potion that I am talking about. The rest is history.....:P

As you can see, I tried to make the tomato salsa.... with the pan seared chicken thigh.... kinda overcooked a little... but otherwise it tastes good! hehhee..........

Here's a bit of interesting decoration.... a love shape huh! Well simple pan-seared salmon, see those pinky flesh, I top it with rasberry sauce! And the tofu, scramble egg and bean cake underneath! YUM... this was a first time success! hehhee..... I did serve together with my Hot Garlic Potatoes too!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Old Beijing famous snacks....

I happened to travel with one of my relatives who used to study in Beijing. We travel there and she had bring us to some of the well kept secrets of Beijing snack bars and restaurants. This happened to be one of them. Simple like the directions on the wall, it's called Beijing Nine-Traditional Snack Restaurant (九门小吃Jiumen Xiaochi), located at Shichahai.
Well, you can see here there are lots of different stalls in here whereby you can eat almost all different kinds of snacks here. Do take a close look at the so called "Signboard" at the top of each stall, it happens to foretell the specialty snack that they create and together with their surname at the back. If you know chinese character, you get to know what family does what kind of snacks.

We ordered this dish as a starter, it is a kind of sweet potatoes fry with honey.... yummy! The crispy and tangy tastes so good. We like this dish and manage to eat a whole lot non-stop just like how you eat potato chips.
They say that hamburgers are invented in the west. Well, these Chinese style hamburgers have been in Beijing since like the years of the emperors.... so who invents what? Maybe a little changes here and there I guess.
I would like to say that if you find roast beef any good, do try these juicy Chinese style bacon. Well it is kind of juicy in the middle when you bite it. It is soft with some spice aroma in it. I am not sure about the ingredients though, but it taste good to me. This is one of my favouorite dish, awesome! The taste of the chinese herbal soupy with the pig's intestines in it kind of hit me in the head like WOW.... sooo good! Basically, if you love these intestine, trust me you will love this dish. For those who dare not try, ohhh pleeeasee... try the soup at least. It'll get you kicking!
Now here's a simple traditional Chinese Spring onion pancake, kind of different that their counterparts in Taiwan, but nonetheless the taste is almost the same. I find it a bit dry because less oil here as they almost deep fry the pancake. It is crspy though.
Tell me about the most FAVOURITE dish of all........... desserts! This is the famous Chinese yougurt! Ok, let me re-phrase, I hate milk.... I cannot stand it, I'll vomit if I smell it, but this dish is made of milk, furthermore there is a hint of milk in it but, it is semi-sweet..... as light as a feather, awesome! It has the texture of tofu, which melts in the mouth. Double WOW!! Totally fell in love with it.... I actually order two of these and finished it all by myself. It looks simple in the photo.... YOU MUST TRY IT! Trust me, you can only get this in Beijing. Well, in supermarket you can get packed ones, but not as good as the fresly made ones though! Oh before I forget... the name is "Nai Lao". Chinese Milk yougurt.
If you are in Beijing, this is a famous sweet snack. Sugar-Coated Haws on a stick (Bing Tang Hu Lu) 糖葫芦, Well, a must try in your foodlist too. Great taste, and not too sweet. Remember if it is too sweet then it is not good! It should taste sweet and sour. Just pure indulgence!
Well if you are going to Beijing for the olympics.......... do not forget to stop by at and try the cuisine!


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