Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Act 4-Get Messy!

This messing me idea was re-introduced to me once again when I was out the other day with Bedak kid at the beach. Bedak kid was holding a pail of sand and was playing with it near the beach! We kinda building a castle out of the pail of sand but in the end we were actually throwing sand at each other. What a mess!
I remember when I was young, I used to play hide and seek and run around the gardens and get all messed-up. Playing with horrible mud was a fun thing then. Nowadays when I have muddy stuff or even sand that goes into my shoes....... I get annoyed!

Apparently, my clean and perfect without a bug world will come collapsed once I have muddy shoes in my front porch or even ants that climb all around my balcony will come to haunt me at all times!

When I was with bedak kid the other day, he sort of make me come out of my clean world and have fun playing with all things messy. Mess is disgusting word for a clean, perfect and proper person. They'll say, what a mess you are and become disgusted with the idea of you making a mess out of yourself. While for me, I came to like the idea of mess as in having fun, be creative and enjoy.

When we were kids we use to play games full of messy stuff, like water bombs, throwing flour and eggs, playing with water, playing with mud, run under the rain, get all wet and get slimy. Hah, that's what I think I miss these days!

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LiQ said...

Well said! Now that we're all grown up, we forget the simpler things in is always nice to remember the wonderful care-free kiddy days :)


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