Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Devotion - part 1

According to traditional customs and laws, the meaning of a total devotion for a wife to her husband is to obey. No suggestions, no arguments, no voicing of opinions and no freedom. That's absolutely outrages to our world today!
We call that men's ego! We label them as old fashion, absurd and ridiculous! Yes, it's true........ they are trying to keep us girls in a cage, like a bird, doing what they want and suppose to treat them like a king!
Now wait a minute..... I'm am not a feminist, condemning all husbands out there! Yes, men are men and always will be, you can't change them! I am here to also reminding all wives that men needed their controlled over things. It is their nature to control / overpower all things that they care for. I know not all couples of husbands and wives are the same, yet one cannot deny the nature of all men.
To control is an ego thing, but must be reasonable and stated clear. If women take control over men at all times, what will they be like if they are not with their wives? Women on the other hand likes to over power men to show their motherhood!?! Subconsciously we are doing that very often and not knowing it.
To give total freedom is also not advised as well as we have to protect our own nest... so to speak. If you so liked the idea of freedom then you are not even ready to get married in the first place! You must foresee that either one of you'll be bound to stay and devote on the idea of having a family, be there always for your partner, be responsible of your actions, be a friend and support your partner, etc...... before you move on to the next step in life............. marriage!
For a women taking control over their own life is very important. You must first understand what you want for your family to work and not let it be and hope that things will work out. I am not the perfect wife here trying to advised people out there...... I kinda have some thoughts of people who does not care for what they already have, and then complain of the outcome later.
Marriage is not a solution for capturing a person's heart, marriage is a total devotion of life and responsibilities for both parties!

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Hahaha... the last sentence sounds so familiar, the same comment you left on my blog.


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