Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby's 4th month celebration

Well baby's four month old. We decided to give baby a small celebration. I am not very familiar with the procedures but well great grand is around to help. Our little girl has to wear new clothes and had a garland of "Phong Pneah"; those big round biscuits..... string together with a red string. She has to sit up properly so everyone can actually let her bite some of the biscuits. It is suppose to bring her luck and signifies that she's old enough to be able to sit up on her own. Also the biscuits are suppose to wipe off her saliva so she will not have lots of saliva dripping all the time. This is just a simple ceremony to symbolizes her well growing stage, and good health, I guess. All is done just less than an hour. Being Chinese and all every auspicious chinese customs must have ang pows........ so baby did recieve ang pows from all her elders!
Believe it or not my tortise lays her eggs today too...... but unfortunately the male tortise is around to destroy it too....... :(

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