Thursday, June 21, 2007

Act 5 -Yey yey Dumpling Day!

Bedak kid came to gimme a quick visit.... as I was quite sick. He actually came to drop me some dumplings made by his grandmama. Yummy yumm.... I love dumplings aka (Bak Chang). Heheh these are old traditional chinese dumplings made from glutinous rice, some fatty meat and yolks. Delicious!

Well, bedak told me those were classic dumplings, his grandmama made ones are different! So how different? He said it was (Pua Kiam Ti Chang) as traslate into Half saltly and half sweet dumplings. As he were explaining it to me that these days nobody really make these dumplings as it were originated from Nyonya (Peranakan) Culture.
The other type of dumplings that he brought for me is my favourite dumplings; the (Ki Chang) as they were the sweeter version of the dumplings which serve with (Gula Melaka) a sweet brown sauce made from burnt coconut. This kind of dumpling is yellow in colour and also smaller in size. It supposed to serve as dessert. So I say thanks to Bedak kid and send regards to his grandmama who still manange to make these delicious dumplings! Hopefully one of these days I get to learn how to make them! :P

Well, traditionally dumplings are made only once in a year on the 5th day of the fifth month of the chinese lunar calendar, which is during the dragon boat festival in the chinese culture. But these days you get to eat it whenever you want, so what kinda culture do you call that? Money culture! haha!

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