Sunday, June 14, 2009

Am into Early Literacy Development....

Recently am attending workshops on early literacy......... hmm found an ad in the newspaper and so I thought I might try this out as I am now going to have my own child soon so some research to be done!
Am sharing here a bit about what I've learn so far. That is Phonological awareness based on the Montessori Methods. Basically this is apply to the English language, but it seems like Malay language and the Chinese language can also be taught in the similar way.
I've found out that Phonics helps a child to learn the alphabets and make them recognizes familiar words by pronouncing the correct sounds. In this way a child do not need to learn the spelling but can listen and spell correctly once they know the phonics well. But of course this does not mean that they understand every single meaning of the word; basically they are able to read, spell and pronounce correctly that's all. The meaning and knowledge of the word will come in later. Of course basic grammar are taught to form sentences as well.
Not to brag on about phonics... but overall what I've learn so far is that children must be expose to all different skills using their senses. Not only on study but also learn to play using their senses. Like using their eyes to visually see and being inspired.... ie colours, use their sense of smell, touch and feel different things and texture. Expose their tastes buds, eating and tasting different types of food. Let them listen to various sounds and music. All these are equally important to a child rather than just develop on the brain by pouring in all sorts of knowledge.
Research has shown that these days kids as young as a 3 year old are actually having nightmares about homework! Child psychologists are having patients with straight As! Come on, the adults are killing their kids with their own high hopes, what's wrong with them?!?
My only wish for my child is to learn the necessary basic skills and I'll let her just grow into whatever she wants to be. I strongly feels what I need to teach her is more of a moral value rather than being an A+ student.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Babymoon

Oh just came back from my so-called babymoon. Actually one of my friend's wedding is held in KL. So I have decided to travel down to KL for a visit cum attending the wedding.
A lot of taboos about travelling during pregnancy, but as I believe if one is well prepared it's ok to travel. I travel by car to KL so my hubby and I decided to have a few stops during the journey. I have also prepared lots of water and food on board; some pillows for the comfort of sitting in the car and also some music to enjoy during the trip.
Well, the trip went well, and we also did some shopping and hanging around Ikea to get some ideas for the nursery. We also had some good grubs and manage to enjoy a movie each night... thanks to our laptop. Overall it's a nice trip and Baby did enjoy her stay too, I think! LOL.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Food craving...

Now in my belly grows a baby girl. So I do feel her all the time while sleeping, listening to music, watching movies...... etc. Well, I constantly feel that she's trying to communicate with me. LOL! I know I am hungry all the time and yet sometimes I do eat but just not enough!?!?? So baby will just signal me by kicking or making me feel nausea again so I know she's still hungry. In fact if she doesn't like something she'll do the same too. Othe'srwise, she's just sleeping and growing steadily inside my womb. How fascinating!
These days as Durian season is on its way......... my baby couldn't stop bugging me to take the durian and soya bean milk. Hmmm... she must love the taste of durian! :) Just like Mum and dad! Other types of food that she loves so far is Ramen, Char Koay Teow, Chicken but not KFC! and also some sweet cakes. That why I do make muffins for her! Hhehee.
So far so good, I hope I can eat more variety of food especially soupy stuff! Cheers.


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