Friday, August 28, 2009

DingDing (Version1) - Rag doll

Been busy lately with my pet projects for my Baby girl. I have created a new rag doll named, "DingDing". She is a modification of Ruby dolls & Chibi dolls. You can view from this website - Make Your Own Baby Chibi Doll! by OneRedRobin. Well, I could not really find a rag doll that I like so I have decided to make my own.
This is a Chibi doll.............

This is a Ruby Doll.............

The pictures here are my own version of "DingDing". I have inserted some bells in it so it will make some 'ding ding' sound when you shake the doll. Lovely isn't it?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello Ducky!

I am currently making a few projects and one of it include making a felt ducky for my precious little one when she arrives! I have found out about this Kate Erback’s Hello Ducky which I love. As this is the first time I am making a felt dolly, I am really stunt by the results. LOL!
Well as you can see here, this is my handmade ducky! Impressive huh? I have change the design slightly and the colours too. Furthermore, I have inserted a bell in it so it will make a ringing sound when you shake the ducky! I plan to make a bigger one next time round if I have the time! If you want to try out this too you caqn click on the link and print out the template and make your own version! Till then...... :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, well, well........ I've been seeing and absorbing all the Eco-friendly vibes in recent years that I do not realised it till now. Come to think of it, I have confronted myself to be as Eco-friendly as possible in these few months that I do no think I have done enough.
In the past years, I have actually sort out my rubbish before I throw it out to be recycled. I do hope the garbage collector notice this! Then I sort out my clothes every few months to give it away to charity. Oh, did I mention that I sort out my shoes too? For my kitchen, I use to recycle milk / juice cartons to store old brushes for cleaning. Furthermore, I have every intentions to use up those plastic bottles to grow my money plants. Crack pots and bowls are used up as well to grow different plants and decorate my living room. Well, I admit that I seldom throw away boxes and tins and glass bottles as they are useful to store things and food. I have also save up some water to do washing in the kitchen or to water my plants. Indeed, I did not realise that I am an Eco-friendly person at all.
Another notion came to me the other day was to purchase a hybrid car, as cycling around town in not as convenient as it used to. I guess that will be my future plan for now. As I do really want to save the mother earth, although my small contributions meant nothing much, but I will just do my bit as to uphold the name as a responsible Citizen of the Mother Earth!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh My God........ Diabetes!

It has not cross my mind that this day will come........ Diabetes! I find myself in a kind of denial. I love chocolates and sweets but did not ever occur to me that I'll have diabetes! Well, maybe the culprit is that I'm pregnant, but then again it worries me if this will last after the pregnancy! OMG, hopefully I am not going to have this diabetes for long..... as the doctor says it's a mild one but still there's a possible attack in future if I do not take care of what I eat though! Surely, there's a metion of inheritance from my parents and found out my mum did had it while she was pregnant too and that it did not last. I was more please to hear that than anything else. Indeed, I have a sweet tooth and no matter how hard I try, chocolates keep on pops up in my mind! Dear me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Tree

To some people, a Family Tree is very important but some simply doesn't care. Well, personally I do not really think about it untill now........ as my tummy growing bigger each day, I feel that it is my responsible to teach my child about the importance of family bonding through creating family tree.

In a way, this also help me to understand my family better and keep a close tie, so that the roots are not forgotten. I have indeed gather around my family members and have each of them to fill in the family tree and help to gather the history in our family. In a way, they have to flash back some memories to remember who they were (those that are deceased), their stories and so forth.

I do not recall all of them as I were either too young to remember and I do not even know their name! Hopefully in future, my baby will get to know all the elders and those who were not around anymore........ but are part of her family.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lots of negative vibes........

What's wrong with everyone?
Everyday when I read the newspaper in the morning, I can see that not much interesting and exciting news that we normal people can feel happy about within the society, the community and the world. Whether it is local news or international news; all have one thing in common that is negative and unpleasant.
You either have lots of people complaining, debating, trying to curse each other or try to initiate a fight or even accusing each other........ then the cover up stories or the truth??!? (which seldom come out in the newspaper)
Now come to international news........ there will be disaster everywhere, either war between to two enemies or even a third party trying to keep peace and go into war...?!? Then there's this weather malfunction or save the earth movement...... going on because the world weather has slowly getting worse by the year!
I began to wonder..... and even start to worry; my baby will be born into the world full of negative vibes... is it worth it afterall?
All the people are slowly killing each other one way or the other. Worse still is that they do not realised this! Things that goes around comes around....... that's what I believe. Now I can only hope and do my best in preparing my child for the future. I'll have to instill all the good vibes and positive thinking to my baby and hope her generation will help the world to become a better place.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Movie making stint!

Oh! Recently I've made a short movie clip dedicated for my baby girl. Many of my family members are old and they are all excited about the arrival of a new member to our family. Since I am quite free, I have decided to do a short video of the elders in the family and introduced them to my child. Hopefully in years to come when she grows older she will remember all the family members and how excited they are about her arriving to this world and our family.
The Title - Love from the Bottom of Our Hearts
Produced by - My Brother and me......
Directed by - Me (Mommy)
I have chosen to use the Rubber Duck as the main art direction....... as you can see all the family members has a respresenting duck card to help introduced them. The duration of the video clip is about ten minutes. As this was a spontaneous interview of each family member, all were unprepared and shoot on the spot. It's been produced this way to capture the moments of joy naturally felt by all the members so no preparation is needed. Indeed, the end product was a successful one, hopefully so.... :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Habit of Saving

I come across an article about teaching a child how to save money so they know how to manage their own savings when they are old enough.

In my opinion, to teach a toddler how to save is important as the values of saving has to be instill while they are young. If not so they will not know how to save money but keep on spending moreover young kids these days are so used to the luxury of life that they do not know how hard it is to earn the money. Spend wisely must be taught as well, how to spend and what to consider when buying something. Is it a want or a need? Is it worth buying? Do you have the kind of money to buy the thing?
To Teach a child you need to have a few jars/ piggy bank for the kid. One for savings only, one for spending, one for charity. Three simple jars to start with then when they get older introduce more jars, as more responsibilities come by their way...... like the spending jar will divide to wants and needs. So slowly the child will understand how to manage their own savings properly.
I know a lot of us used to learn by saving money from young, the more the better, but we do not know how to manage it well; like how to allocate our money to buy insurance, allocations for buying cars and houses, later investments etc. Lots of these comes into our minds in later years. But if we have known all these earlier, plans can be made and maybe we can even multiply our savings and our hard earned money better.
So the earlier we instill how to manage savings to a child is better, so they will not spend too much and yet adequate to survive.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Act 12- Oh my Tummy!

Oh dear, I have not been out and about for almost a month and a half....... now.. hmmm was thinking that I should be doing lotsa walking to ease my labour when the time comes.
So, after meal I'll walk around the neighbourhood and inhale some fresh air. I then came across Bedak Kid, he was cycling around the area and stop by my side. He was surprised to see me, after all he has not seen me for quite some time since Chinese New Year!
He posed a question to me,"How come you look fat and had a big tummy?" Hmm... I was going to answer him then he ask again,"You have stay away from everyone because you look fat?" I am then seem amused and ask why he say that I have to stay away..... Oh he then answered me that his mum has to stay fit and slim so that she can go and hang out with her friends and if she finds herself a little chubby she will stay away from her friends and keep a diet!
Oh, That's why! I then explained to him that I am not fat; I am going to have a baby that's why my tummy is huge and big! He smiles at me and ask me is it a boy or girl? When I told him it's a girl, he seems quite eager to know what she looks like and all......... then I have to tell him he has to wait till Oct, and ask him to come along with his mother to visit the baby! He seems excited and ask me to call him when baby arrives, and I promise him I will. So we ended our conversation and he continue to ride his bike, while I stroll along the path I used to take everyday.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some sneak preview of my album....

These are some of the pages that I created to record the progress of my pregnancy.... LOL... since I'm so free all the time!
My big belly...... now have to show off to my fellow belly dancers, Hah!
Look those happy Swollen feet!
Gaining weight........ starting from 44kg..... there goes my waistline!

Lovely diaper cake made by Aunt Janet...... :)


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