Sunday, September 27, 2009

A surreal experience!

To begin, it's like a surreal dream come true. Deep down I seriously thank god for granting my wishes to have a natural birth for my baby; but in a way I am happy to be able to fully absorb in the notion of experiencing what a natural birth would be like. No one will ever tell or describe the actual facts of natural birth, only one can experience it and in that way you will have a kind of rebirth in your inner self and also experience the labour pain in a way of your own.
My Doctor has advised me from start to go through natural birth although all my close relatives and friends advised me otherwise. I have learn in life, things happens for a reason. No unfortunate events or pleasant occurances comes in your life for no apparent reason, so I have to take everything in as it is and let be....... meaning leave it to god, as in god's will. Well, it works for me; I won't call myself a naturalist but I believe in Darwin's and Karma, life's is full of ups and downs but I strongly believe in living it and experience everything on my own... so as to live life to the fullest. I can now add in my own portfolio that I have been through natural birth and endure in the labour pain ( although not long - approx.4-5 hours ); and most of all be able to feel alive again and have my new little princess beside me.
After all the pain and fuss, I am able to give life and live life! What a wonderful world we are living in, and I do really think the greatest gift god has given us is this body and soul! To be able to think and to be able to work; I always believe we are here for a reason, so just go along with it and make full use of it.... in this life!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Baby Girl........

My lovely baby girl was born on the 13th of Sept, 2009. She weighs 2.9kg. She's healthy and so cute! Baby girl couldn't wait long to come out. I started contraction at about 9am in the morning and she was born around noon. What a fast delivery. I am so happy and proud of my baby girl too, I started brest feeding around 7pm in the evening and she hungrily sucking away without any fuss. Indeed my brestfeeding is successful. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Activating the Senses

I was browsing through some website and decided to create a series of books and gadgets base on activating the baby's senses.
As we all know, a baby and child early education is base on their senses. The sense of touch, visual, smell, tastes and listen are the most basic things that a baby learn while they are young. So I intend to create the following gadgets in order to help the child to learn. I know we can easily obtain a series of toys to help the child to learn but I prefer a more personal touch to these toys to aid my child to learn.
1. A Touch book
2. A Visual book
3. Some Noise gadgets
Hopefully I'll finish before the baby comes! LOL...:)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The making of "Popiah Chai" dish - Part I

Mum has decided to cook my favourite popiah dish. It involves lots of work and ingredients. I have recorded down all the steps and ingredients needed. So next time I can cook for my family too. I have been eating this dish since I was a kiddo. The picture above shows how the cooking is done and the whole idea is chopping and shreading the vegetables into small and thin pieces, the thinner the better it tastes. After all the cutting, then ready to cook. First fry the pork, shrimp and beancurd together then set aside. Secondly, fry the vegetables seperately. After that put all ingredients in a big pot and add in some water then simmer for at least 3-4 hours.
Viola, now the dish is done! Yummy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Evening Gown creation

I am a freelance fashion designer, so upon request to create an evening gown for a wedding event, I have design this gown with some roses to enhance the overall look. It took me almost 3 weeks to complete it as the roses are hand-made to detail, furthermore those beading needs time to finished. This colour is quite unique as well and it does compliment the skin colour of the wearer too. :)
Here you can see the details of the roses....... of course I recommend dry cleaning too!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My LeSportsac Diaper Bag

Mum bought me a lovely LeSportsac bag to carry my baby stuff. The bag is huge enough to put in all things for baby. But it lacks of compartments to put the things in order, especially milk bottles. It will spill here and there if I were to put it in and look messy. So in order to organize it properly I have created my own version of portable elastic compartments that I can convert an ordinary bag into a diaper bag anytime; which is flexible and also easy to use. I am so proud of this Portable bottle holder which I can use it over and over again without damaging the original bag design. So if I do not want to use this bag as a diaper bag I can just convert it anytime!
This is what it looks like inside the bag. As you can see there are no compartments whatsoever, but big enough to put all things in.

This is my lovely creation of the 'Portable bottle holder'. Here you can see that I can easily slot in all the bottles and it stays in place and will not toss and tumble in the bag.

On the reverse side, I add in some elastic to make it a slot easy to hold the diapers and wipes in place! LOL.
Now you can see how easily I slot in the portable bottle holder into the bag and convert the bag into a Diaper Bag! Viola! Well, I love this "Portable Bottle holder" don't you?
By the way, if you ever want to customized your bag and convert into a diaper bag... drop me a line. LOL!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fairy Tutu!

I think this is the first ever hand sewn garment that I am making for my baby. It's a fairy tutu skirt. I love the pictures shown in the net that babies are waring tutu and it's super cute. So I decided to make one for girl girl as well. I have chose to make it in yellowish colour as most of the garments I buy are in pink. Too much pink is making me sick, so yellow is another good choice for me. Since I have this rubber duck theme going on so yellow might just fit in! Hah! So am looking forward to post a photo of my baby wearing it! Till then!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Extreme Measures

Yesterday I came across an article about cleanliness; about hygiene and stuff and I have observed some very extreme measures one take to the path of cleanliness. Some would call one fussy and another maybe extreme. Most of all I would like to express my views about the hygiene among us, humans!
Of all the species on earth I feel that human are the most dirty species of all. Why? We are the ones who invented lots of stuff to pollute the environment and we keep on saying to ourselves we are the most intelligent and hygiene species of all........ what a joke!
We do not work around the environment like other species do; we only know how to pollute it and we name ourselves above the others! Sounds crazy huh! We have been polluting the environment for thousands of years without knowing it... until now we try to educate our young to protect it.... since when we realise it is a bit too late?
I know this for a fact that......... richer countries can afford to be environmental friendly and be clean and have good hygiene. Now if you are in a country or whereby you live in a place when food is scarce and your environment is not even suitable for a living.... and you tell me are you considering about hygiene and the polluted world? Come on... be realistic!
Well, I can say awareness is important... but there are so many issues in our world that is all being highlighted at the same time... and one can only consider one thing at a time!
No matter how personal hygiene is important but no extreme measures are needed, we humans have survive even in those extreme environments and we are still here yet... so as I consider that I am going to have a baby soon.... no matter how the baby needs protection but not too extreme until they cannot grow properly in this world! Now the H1N1 flu is going on and yes the virus is kind of deadly but I believe in Darwin's theory that the fittest will survive and we human does evolve through time just like the virus itself! So as long as basic hygiene is proposed and well carried out no other extreme measures needed. We are not living in a third world country so why worry too much!
God gave us lives and so he has the right to take it away if he feels right. We just have to do our part and let be! May god bless everyone indeed.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MooMoo Baby Sling

Oh Finally, I have finished this "Moo Moo Baby Sling". I was wondering whether to make a Mei Tai Baby Carrier or a Baby sling; then I decided that a Baby sling is easier to use so I make one myself. I know they are selling some in the market but I do not like the pattern and the colours so I thought I better make one that I like since there are so many fabrics lying aroung in the house. :P
Indeed it is not difficult to make and again I did some improvision by adding some padding around the edges. Took me a while to make it but I assure you it is not difficult to make at all. You can browse through the instructions from this sling patterns page by; I find the instructions useful when I make my baby sling, I hope you find it useful too. Well when my baby arrives I will post a photo with baby in it. LOL.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Wedding Digital Scrapbook!

Well, I've been bragging about a lot of baby stuff so for a change I want to include these few wedding photos of mine that I have compile into a digital scrapbook. You know what, I did not really print out all my wedding pictures yet... till now no one has really seen or browse through my wedding pictures including my hubby... and it's been like 3 years already! So now I have finally compile some into a digital scrapbook album! Here's the website... feel free to browse through!

Here I would like to include some of the pages that I have not post together into the album. :P

I have not complete this scrapbook yet.... these are just some of the pages only! Till then.....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zoo Blankie for Baby......

As you all know I am busy doing my projects.... this is another project for my Baby. It's a rainbow colour "Zoo Blankie" or quilt as most people call it. I manage to find the colourful animals pattern fabric in Ikea and I got lucky with the rainbow stripes fabric which I found in a local quilt store. I love the colours and the combination of patterns, it just suits don't you think so? While the main colour is still pink as it's a baby girl colour. I almost use the quilting method but I found out that it is too much work for me now; so I did some research and found this easy method which does not require much sewing. A tied baby quilt is good for me. You can find the methods in this website
Of course I did some modification as I do not want the string to hang all out at the front of the blankie! :)


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