Thursday, June 28, 2007

Devotion - Part II

Devotion is a strong word. A word for commitment and requires constant concentration on a particular subject. Time consuming in fact, and fill with a strong desire for something.
Talking about love and marriage here reminds me of the idea of choices and decisions. A devotion of love for someone must not exceed the freedom of that person. Say the devotion of love for a child... it must not exceed their freedom to think, talk and act. If it surpasses all these factor, love becomes hatred! That is the law of all relationships. One can devote their entire life on a subject but that does not mean the subject will in return do the same towards you.
A choice is being made here, and you choose to devote your time and life in it, nobody ask you to. There is always a choice, a devotion becomes a decision over something, it can be changed and it can be stopped; it all depends on the idea of worth. Is the person worth your time and effort? Choose wisely to devote your time and effort towards a person, some people are just not worth doing so, they do not appreciate your devotion as well. It may become a burden towards them? Maybe not? Maybe just plain ignorance? Those are called selfishness instead, so why waste time? Life is too short to waste it on one person, don't ya think so?

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