Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cuddling party.......

I once heard of the "Cuddling Party" in one of the articles in the papers. They mention that it is a kind of theraphy that people just cuddle each other and do nothing else. Most of them are strangers but do not get this wrong... it's not what you think it is as in the "S" is not involve. It is for people to experience the physical intimacy through cuddling.
What involve are groups of people actually cuddle each other and one may have a cuddle buddy. In fact there are rules and regulations for a Cuddle party. It is a non-sexual kind of activity. If you ever come across any discomfort youcan quit anytime.
In conjunction with this cuddle party thing, I think it mat be useful for some people who are not having any relationship. I personally feel that a lot of people has a need to feel loved and able to give love as well. So much so that the confidence in a relationship between men and women can be improved. Back to basics, our mother and father use to hug us, but not so much when you are getting older. What happens is our super-ego would probably be longing for a hug but well we do not simply hug a person. As our culture does not teach us to hug that much! So that is why partly this cuddle part is invented!
Well, part of us may want to hug the same sex but we also feel akward to do so especially for mens, so part of this cuddling party is actually for the same sex to approach another person and hug each other or hold each other in the arm and give them a pat at the back. Come to think of it that was what our mother use to do when we were young. Read more...

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