Monday, February 23, 2009

A Dashing Start

Come to think of it, I am kinda rushing to the idea of moving things and about since the beginning of the year. I am really expecting lots of changes this year as New things are beginning to fall on me all at the same time. No time to think and plan. It really starts going to get me tied up in lots of ways but it is a challenging year ahead for me this time. Lots of hopes and things to do and overcome, but as I approaching months after months, I realized that my attitude towards life is changing, my views and opinion as well. Most of the time, I could not breath properly as so many things had to be done and do. I am not a perfectionist freak, but I am constantly fussing about things that should be done in a proper way or say my way, which is I think not practical for some people and hassle for most people. In the end, I have to let go of some or else I'll be doing lots of work by myself. Lastly, I think I have to come to a certain point that I have to trust certain people in life to judge what they do for me and appreciate it. Otherwise, I am killing myself and others as well. Such a waste of life to think of the minor things while there's lots more urgent matters in life which one does not even care..... like the sick, the poor and the lost.

Monday, February 16, 2009

About Minimalism

I am now trying to move my things from one place to the other and I can't help think about the concept of minimalism in my life, design and space. It has occur to me once when I think my closet is too small for all my clothes; but then again I realised that one has too much clothes for my daily life.
Now what is minimalism. When we think about it, we would imagine it is about art, music and design. Then again, what about life? These days when I feel that I wanted to simplify things and make it easier or hassle free......... in a way modern, I use the minimalism concept.
Example during the chinese new year, we usually have this family gathering at home, the elders will cook and the young ones will help, then we had the dinner reunion and then proceed to clean up the rest and gather in the house and chat and retire till the next day. Nowadays, we all in the family plan to go out and eat, hassle free...... no need to cook and clean up. We just head for the restaurant and then eat, gather and finish the dinner then back home.
Well it is actually simpler and easier for everyone. Yet I can't help to think about all the tiny possible moments of family members gathering around to cook, wash and clean and talk about our memories, fun and gossips. These are the moments we can't share anymore. Well to think about it whether modern ideas are good or bad......... I really cannot say.
In my opinion, some things like my closet, I can use the minimalism idea, but it does not really apply to our culture or identity. If everything is hassle free, why are we making lots of fuss about ushering the New Year and other festive seasons? If life were that simple, we should not feel proud but worried!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Act 11- My sweet Valentine...

"Had to say this loud and clear...... Happy Valentine!" This is what bedak kid said to me when he met me at the mall just now. I had to ask him whether he knows what Valentine day means. He said yes, as he was given permission by his mum to buy a present for his sweet valentine... who is his girl friend, (Hui Hui) at the kindergarten. Well, I am quite surprise to hear that indeed.
To me, bedak kid is just 6 years of age and is telling me he has a girlfriend....... I wonder kids these days really know what they are into or not? They just tend to follow the trend or influenced by movies and such to get the idea of boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, I am certain it is really not an issue for the adults to actually forbid their kids to talk about this kind of puppy love. Yet I do wonder how to actually telling the kid what love is. To the kids, it is a kind of pure innocent love or liking of someone but in actual fact love comes with responsibilities and other confusing matters which to some adults, it is really hard to define as well.
Happy Valentine!
"Love, as it exists in society, is nothing but the exchange of two fantasies and the contact of two skins." Chamfort, Nicolas [Maximes et Pensees] (1741-1794)


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