Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My LeSportsac Diaper Bag

Mum bought me a lovely LeSportsac bag to carry my baby stuff. The bag is huge enough to put in all things for baby. But it lacks of compartments to put the things in order, especially milk bottles. It will spill here and there if I were to put it in and look messy. So in order to organize it properly I have created my own version of portable elastic compartments that I can convert an ordinary bag into a diaper bag anytime; which is flexible and also easy to use. I am so proud of this Portable bottle holder which I can use it over and over again without damaging the original bag design. So if I do not want to use this bag as a diaper bag I can just convert it anytime!
This is what it looks like inside the bag. As you can see there are no compartments whatsoever, but big enough to put all things in.

This is my lovely creation of the 'Portable bottle holder'. Here you can see that I can easily slot in all the bottles and it stays in place and will not toss and tumble in the bag.

On the reverse side, I add in some elastic to make it a slot easy to hold the diapers and wipes in place! LOL.
Now you can see how easily I slot in the portable bottle holder into the bag and convert the bag into a Diaper Bag! Viola! Well, I love this "Portable Bottle holder" don't you?
By the way, if you ever want to customized your bag and convert into a diaper bag... drop me a line. LOL!


leapaing said...

Hey...a really nice one. Is there a place for a small thermo flask?

Matelda said...

Of course, there are many elastic slots, so no problem at all. Big flask or small flask also can be slot in.

Bin said...

Hi Hi, i happened to come across ur very very interesting blog. I love this organiser....can you make one for me and how much will it be???

Matelda said...

Hi Bin,

The cost will depends very much on the size though. If you want you can measure the inside of your bag and let me know so I can help you determine the price. You can email me at /TQ.

Im said...

Hi Matelda

I love it.I have a LeSportsac bag like you and need to make it for carry my baby stuff. My baby will born for 2 months. Can you make one for me and how much will it be? (I think my bag same size as you) Thanks!!

Matelda said...

Hi Im,
Well Please email me your details and I will make one for you. The cost is around RM30-45 depends on the fabric. What colour do you prefer? Pink/Blue/Yellow/Green? If you want to match your bag colour will need a picture of your bag. :)

Im said...

Thank you very much for your reply. I will send my bag photo and detail to your e-mail :) please design color for me.

Anonymous said...

i would like to order. can i have your email address

Anonymous said...

they do have a lesportsac baby bag now with many nice compartments. called the ryan baby bag

Matelda said...

Hi Anonymous, my email is


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