Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Books + New Words

Have been reading to my little one every night before she sleeps now; and she keeps reminding me about it before her last bottle feeding.... LOL.
Well, I manage to test her on the other day; whether she will recognize the specific book that I mentioned to her; and to my surprise she manage to pick out the specific title book for me to read to her. This really shocked me as I thought she just want me to read a book and does not really understand the story in it, but well I guess I am wrong about it.
Later, I went to shop more book for her as there is a sale in the bookstore. I went to the bookstore with my little one and she was very excited when she enters the store and wanted to touch and flip all the books she can grab on to. I am glad that she loves book, really hope that she will always remain this love forever.

After going to the bookstore, we continued to go shopping. Some new words that I heard she saying was like....
1. Oh Nice!
2. Thank You.
3. Please
4. Eyes
5. Nose
6. Mouth
7. Ears
8. Hair
9. Head
10. Cheek
11. Foot
12. Hands
13. Legs
14. Come
15. Go

She's the joy of my life right now, guess no one can make me laugh so much these days except her.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Poultry on the plate.

My yummy Ginger Chicken Stew with Brocolli, one of the dishes for the night; just another comfort food for my family. A dash of Shao Xing Wine just perfect for the taste and smell too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun to make - Oatmeal cookies

Why I love making these cookies?
Because my little one love these very much and it is the only making her eating and digesting oat and blackcurrants!
Every now and then I have these little cookies at home. I did made some for my family members as a Xmas gift last year and also I made these for the Chinese New Year too. Everyone loves it, as it is healthy and I put less sugar so not so sweet as well.
The flour I use is Wheat flour so it is healthier for both adults and kids.
I just love making them and it is easy to make too.
I follow the recipes from these two sites in the net; of course I reduce the sugar and replace the raisins with blackcurrants.
You can have a go too! Enjoy baking!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oysters Oh Oh Oysters

Oysters and Tofu........ yummy. I happen to have some fresh oysters left behind, because it has been around for quite sometime and I guess it is not so fresh after hiding in the freezer for more than a week, so I decided to cook it and eat rather than just some lemon and tabacos sauce.

This is quite a simple dish but it needs a few preparations before hand.
1. Wash the fresh oysters with some water and lemon juice.
2. Boil the oysters in the water for about 4-5 mins.
3. Cut the half cooked oysters in half. (bite size)
4. Diced the tofu.
5. Chopped some garlic and spring onions.
6. Prepare the sauce - Oyster sauce + Sesame oil
7. With a wok- fry the garlic with some oil.
8. Add in the oysters + sauces.
9. Add in the tofu then the spring onion.
10. Viola - done!

Now enjoy these wonderful oysters and tofu dish!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kusudama project

I have been doing some research on flower folding techniques and I found out about this Kusudama Flower ball which caught my attention. So I decided to give it a go myself by following the tutorial instructions, well not bad indeed right? The picture above shows only one flower with a combination of 5 petals. Ah Yes... this is a Sakura (Cherry Blossom flower).

Here the picture shows half of the flower ball, which has a total of 6 flowers. So if you want to create a flower ball it has to be a total of 12 flowers. Interesting huh! I use some origami folding paper and some recycle paper for this project. So now you can reuse your recycle paper for a decorative idea. Hurray for going GREEN!
If you would like to know how to fold this go check out the tutorial in this website:

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Disaster

The Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan recently made me think a lot about our own fate in future. I know how it feel like when the earth beneath you shake profusely non-stop (which I experience before). It is uncontrollable, unpredictable and nothing you can do. We are lucky here in Malaysia that we do not have disaster like earthquake only bad floods and hot sunshine throughout the year.
I am thankful to god that I am here rather than in elsewhere where disaster often strikes. What made me think of lately is that, I am thankful that I am near my family, so whatever happens we are near and close to each other. What matters most these days are that my loves ones are beside me so if anything really happened, we are not far from reach.
Sad to say that many people that I know are far from their family because of career and living ideology. They choose to be far away........ most elder people I know of are left behind by their kids. Partly because of a better living in another part of the world or a better choice of career opportunity in other places.
No matter how far they are, home is always home and this is a fact they could not be change. If there is a choice, I believe all parents would love to have their children beside them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Potato - My comfort food diary

Whenever I have a feeling that a flu is coming down on me....... oh this Sweet Potato soup dessert will come into my mind. This is one of my comfort food, simple, nourishing, easy to cook and eat.
Simply boil the sweet potatoes with enough water, include some red dates, ginger, some Pandan leaves, and some brown sugar to taste. Good comfort food for me!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More surprises...

My little one has so far adapt to her new home quite well. She loves her bedroom so far and I have already started to let her sleep alone in her room. So far it has been good and now she has gradually use to it and sleep through the night with no more cries and tears. Phew!

These days I am setting new routine for her to get use to it, that is reading her a story before she goes to bed. Hope she will get use to it soon.

Now she still prefer her bottle rather than solid foods, so this is actually a problem that I need to solve before she turns 18 months. No matter how I try she still insists on her bottle. Will try my best to make her not to become so picky on her food.


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