Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lists of Things we do for the sake of Tradition

It's been fast and furious for the year 2007. I did not manage to run through where I've been and what I've done. Just a click..... boom we are in 2008. Wow!

Well.... we have all done the same things in ushering the New Year, Celebrating! Since December last year been having lots of events and parties to attend to till no time to rest and take a break for myself, like indulging in my day dreams.

Particularly busy these days preparing for the coming CNY.

1. Cleaning the house. ( Clearing all the things and pack it up neatly.) I thought it was easy :P

2. Plans on decorating the house...... hmmm. ( Due to open house during CNY.)

3. Shopping for CNY cakes, sweets, food. (Gifts to close relatives.)

4. Preparing the Red packets. ( Well, it's a must I guess.)

5. Buying new clothes? ( or Making them myself?)

6. Planning the food to cook on the first day of CNY. ( Better look through the recipes.)

7. Prepare to buy the ingredients. ( Go to the market earlier to stock up the food!)

8. Last but not least.... Plan to visit the relatives & friends during CNY.

See a big long list of things to do!

Well, this is the tradition and I guess it keeps us busy and getting the feel of CNY. Without all the things that you need to do, CNY is no fun at all.

Busy, busy, busy like a Bee!


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