Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Falling in love...

Falling in Love changes everything! It changes your life!
First it started to change your way of looking at things, change your attitude, change your lifestyle, change what you eat, drink and the way you sleep, the way you talk, you smile alot, you sing to yourself, you almost fly in the air. Alrite, now come back to earth!
I really love to watch people falling in love because they amused me alot. Stupid things they do to fall in love, saying words that is sooo.... irritating for others to listen....... spooky for me etc. Even I do that too but it feels weird when others listen to it, well that is falling in love... maybe?!?
Falling in love, is like a sudden lift that send you to heaven...... how long will the lift wait for you, no one knows......... the funny thing is that the lift will appear to you once in your lifetime. You do not always end up with the person who rides with you in that lift. That lift will descends and take you back to real life on earth and your moment in heaven will slowly collapse and those moments in heaven will be history!
Those moments in the heaven will be and must be cherished for life! Only some of those lucky people out there will get to hold their partners hands until the end of life, some don't so that's life and no big deal, right?
I have always been very cautious of Love. The part that I hesitate to mention is that, "Love is a choice we make"; and one has control over it at all times. We choose to love, we choose to hate as well. The choice is important, to love or not to love. It is that simple, but always people will forget about how simple that is and makes it complicated.
Love is a wondeful feeling that we all do not hesitate to go for it. It is also part of our desire to fall in love............ but remember also, once bitten twice shy; once it has been hurt, there is no recovery! So choose well people! Make a wise choice and live with it with the rest of your life and no regrets. Easy to say............. isn't it?
"Love is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Joanne said...

It's so interesting that I came upon your site (was doing my usual quick blog browsing for the day) and saw your most recent post.

It touched upon alot of what I'm currently going through (that is the moving on process, ha). Just wanted to say that the last bit of your post and especially the quote is my favorite.

Thanks for sharing!

Sanguine said...

LOVE... can be as simple as abc...can be as complicated as rocket science..depends how you see it and what you gonna do with it.

as for me, i believe love is so simple - just listen to your heart! that's why people said "fall in love" , and nothing about "Step in love" "run in love" "go in love".. because love is a feeling that you will fall into it naturally when you meet the right person :)

it's not something forceable, it's not something that you can choose. i believe if you "choose" who to love..that's not real love anymore.

love is a sweet feeling, it just comes naturally when you meet that "special" person of yours :)


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