Thursday, May 14, 2009

Halfway there!

Hey, I am halfway through my pregnancy! Hooray....... not so long ago, I am still wondering how will I get through my pregnancy..... now it's like a shooting star! LOL! Well, it's a girl so far! So my girl girl is growing bigger everyday. :)
Things that I am going to prepare to usher my baby includes -
1. Making a baby quilt
2. Creating a mural for the nursery.
3. Making a wet bag. AND
4. Planning a baby shower.
I think that's more than enough for now.........

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cocktail anyone?

Now, I am not very fond of drinking but occasional indulgence in some cocktails should be fine. I have manage to browse through the net for some gruesome cocktail recipes so I found a few that I like and easy to make. Hmmm...
If I'm in the mood, I'll always create a cocktail for my hubby to try and give some opinion about it. Since I don't have any idea what a cocktail will taste like, he
s been so far my guinea pig! but I doubt he complains! LOL!

Here's the recipe....
3/4 oz Pineapple Juice
3/4 oz Grand Marnier
1 1/2 oz Gin

Pour all in a shaker with ice and Shake then Strain into a cocktail glass. Viola!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ooo... My Own Garden of Eden!

No one will ever guess what I manage to come out with during last couple of weeks. Ha! I've been indulge myself with some tinny bit of gardening. I really hope it brightens up my little apartment!

Well, this is one of my creation called "Bathtub Cutie". I am trying my luck here with planting as I am never good at it before. This is my first plant arrangement creation. Since I have bought a book about it, so it spikes up my enthusiasm. Awesome isn't it?

Er hem.... this was my second wonderful creation. I named it my "Teddy Box". Don't you just love those tiny plants that grow in a box! It is a indoor creation like the one before. I can keep this inside the house and admire it during dinner. I am placing next to my dining table!

Well, now this one is meant for outdoor. I have reuse a rattan basket to create this one. Lots of pebbles and stones with two cute little bird! Nice isn't it? I try to accomodate some tiny sculpture or cute features into my plant arrangement, in that way, it looks more interesting!

Now, finally this is my last creation at the moment. My little sweet garden with a flower fairy sitting by the side. I have also include a water feature in it. See the water running down and moving the wheeel? Marvelous right? I have plant some moss over the fake plastic rocks too! Now I really love my small little garden on my balcony!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rubber Duck....

I have been so immensely excited about the idea of a Baby shower that lead me to search and look into "Rubber Duck". Oh suddenly I'm in love with it! So much so that I find although it is a common subject, but it is really hard to hunt down the rubber duck in my territory. I have indeed search high and low for this product and find it quite hard to get with cheaper price tag. Funny thing is that it is widely used as a "DIGI" ambassador but yet it's not like you can see it everywhere you go. Maybe only in poster and TV commercials that's all, the real thing couldn't be found anywhere near a toy store. Peculiar!


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