Friday, June 15, 2007

Act 3-Megatrons..........

Saw Bedak kid with his mum today in the supermarket. He was holding a toy in his hand. Guess what he's holding? A megatron in his hand. He hadn't noticed that I was there as he was playing with his toy. I wonder does all kids do that. Anyways, he saw me later and introduce his autobot to me and then I realise that his mum is actually buying him another decepticon so that he can play with it. He told me that there will always be good guys fighting bad guys. Hmmm... I wonder is that true these days.......?!?

When I was a kid I use to watch cartoons like Thundercats, Tranformers, He-man, Smurfs, She-la, Flinstones, Some disney stuff like mickey, minnie, goofy, donald duck and daisy duck with my brother. Other cartoons like Road-runner, Bugs bunny are those looney tunes cartoons that we both enjoyed too.
The thing is these cartoons are making a come-back with a newer version. They are being brought into the world of cinema. When I was a kid, I'll never dream of this would be true! Almost two decade later it has turn from children entertainment to adult entertainment! Maybe the targeted market are people like me.......... who are trying to recall thier memories of childhood life.
Wanna see the real transformer? Watch this mini video.

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guyfriend said...

You missed Silverhawks & the Roadrunner :D


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