Sunday, September 14, 2008

Golden fingers

Well I tried my best to cook these experimental dish.... hehe. The outcome of it is fantastic. My hubby love these very much and as usual I did not make enough to fill his stomach. I just tried these and did not expect much! Hah!
Ok, The recipe is here if you like to try. No secrets at all. This picture above shows what it looks like before cooking. The rest is history.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ikebana Flower Exhibition

I went to this Ikebana Exhibition at the "G" Hotel recently in August 23rd, 2008. It was held there as part of a charity function. Well, I bought the ticket and went there equip with my cute camera. Well, as I am a lover for all things art, so it kinda always gives me inspiration to create things. Here are some simple pictures for you to have a glimpse of the exhibition. Enjoy!

This is my favourite piece of art. Love the colours and textures. It looks so harmonious and unpretentious. Simple and elegant, I would say.
Last but not least this one fills with vibrant colours and shapes. Quite fascinating overall.


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