Sunday, June 3, 2007


Pin-ups are described as “a picture of a sexy and attractive girl that is displayed on walls.” Compare it with a nude picture……. which normally displayed in Museums and galleries… funny huh! Well, it’s a fact that people appreciate art and people attracted to girls are different! Both are of the same thing just a different definition. One is more of a high class amusement with taste; the other is kind of casual, street and wild nature call. Tell me about that!
Modern pin-ups are eventually pinned on the Laptop wallpaper…. Virtually, hah! Still the same subject but different ways of identifying it. Tell me what are pin-ups for? Ideally they are our dreams and our fantasies, a cult even that makes us imagine another life with the person on the wall. Some people say it releases stress, some says it inspires, some even circle around the idea of hoping to meet and touch the real person. Wow!
Actually back to basics, pin-ups are not realistic, they are man-made………with photoshop, colour enhance, etc.) this shows our human brains can be cheated and make-believe, that’s how I think. People always love the idea to fantasize. What is reality always sucks!
Pin-ups can be a way of imagining a different character that you will be. The “id” is strong, in Freudian terms, it's call the principle of pleasures. The id is suppose to be primal, and does not take account of the thinking brain, it ignores the brain but still part of it.
So, some call it a therapy, helps to reduce stress. After a tiring day need to seek peace and pleasure within and call it self meditation. Right! Maybe it’s true, it does help, who cares everyone indeed need some space to fantasize and imagine. Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, etc. are some of the famous 50s retro style pin-ups girls.

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Anonymous said...

is 'pin-ups!' an universal terms that been used widely..? i guess angelina jolie wil be the favourite 21st pin-ups girls then...


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