Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Perculiar subjects..........

The idea of intiating a match-make marraige from our parents are very often percieve as old tradition and out-of-date in our modern world. Well perculiar enough this happens a lot every where else.
I came to read an article about parents match-make a date and proposal of marraige through their parents by intiating it in a park. In china, one of their parents will hold a picture of thier child (son/daugther) and their resume/profile walking around the park hoping to find a partner for their child. Perculiar right? No wonder thier parks are full of people!
Thier son/daughter may not know that of their parents doings....... and would accept to meet at a restaurant and end up meeting thier so-called future partner in a blur mode situation! How fascinating!

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