Saturday, September 18, 2010

Instant photo shoot!

I have wanted to shoot instant photograph for a long time now, and since it's my lil bean 1st birthday, I make it a point that all of us in the family to go for it. Well, I wanted to buy an instant mini polaroid camera but later find out that the cost of the film is quite expensive; so I decided that we go shoot the photos in the instant photo shooting machine which is much better and more fun! Here are some of the wonderful shots..... LOL. We all did have fun, and will make this an annual event as long as the machine is still there!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday!

I have wanted to celebrate my baby's 1st birthday inviting close friends and relatives. So this is it! The Theme for the party was Rubber Ducky and the colours were red, yellow and white.

Here is the lovely cake and the decoration center piece for the main table. Both were stunning and the talk of the party. The kids had a blast too! It was an enjoyable tea party. Of course my baby love those ducky deco and her cake. Thanks to Ween for the lovely deco!

Some of the food for the party........ mini sausage rolls, mini croissant, mini egg tart, mini cheese sandwich, cream puff, Red eggs, animal biscuits, watermelon, ice-cream.... la la la la..

Balloons for everyone! Yay!

Happy Birthday My Little one!

Lovely Cream Puff....... me and hubby didn't even get a bite and it's all gone. I guess it's a big hit!

Lovely duckies in the Bath Tub..... rub-a-tub-duck, Count how many in the tub!

Pinning the Duck on the tub.... games for kids!

Oooo... my little one enjoying herself opening the presents! LOL!
Hope y'all that attend have lots of fun!
I know We did!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Wooden Tub Story

Oh yes I've got my wooden tub! Surprise me the tub that I got was actually on Mega Sale promotion! Damn I'm lucky..... I fell straight away for the tub and the price is good too! I couldn't belive it myself. Well will post some pictures here once I got it install properly. Hahahha!
Well, of course it's not made in Japan and not like an Ofuro tub but it serves the purpose to me as I got the wooden tub I want and also a soaking foot small wooden tub as well. Hurray! It is actually made in Taiwan, or so the seller told me and the slight disadvantage is that the tub must be soak in water all the time so the wood will not crack. Pray to god this won't happen! That is why the tub only cost me RM500. That's the WOW factor there!
Then recently, I stumble upon a shop that sell wooden bath tub too....... why I wanna mention here is because the shop is actually selling all sorts of buddhist praying stuff like joss sticks, praying altar, sandalwood, some feng shui stuff and suddenly I saw this wooden tub hiding at the back! I was like whoa..... how come they sell this kinda thing in a shop like that??!?!?
Excuse me, I search high and low for the tub and after I bought it then I stumble on these tubs laying around in the shop.......... come on man!
Well no doubt, I still like what I bought because of the price; and I do hope it lasts for at least few years.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Encounter with the Rubber Duck

The First time my baby saw the Rubber Duck, this is her response, well she thought the duck was talking to her and she pose exactly like the duck's beak! Hah.... I really have no idea what she thought about the duck, but later whenever she's having a bath the rubber duck will accompany her. Since then she has kind of fell in love with the rubber duckies that I put in the tub!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Day trip to Penang Hill

First of all, I wasn't planning a trip to the Penang hill, nevertheless we went on with the trip as it was the intention of a family and friends gathering in a day trip to the famous Penang Hill. My mother had talked about going up the hill for at least a year now and well the trip did realised in the end! Thanks to her that baby got to go up the hill for the first time. I would say, I've never been up there since schooldays.......... wow so long ago!

Overall, it's been an amazingly wonderful trip for all of us. It was fun and baby did explore a lot and love being blown by the wind and enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature. She managed to take her nap no matter how excited she was..... I thought she wouldn't sleep at first but after some time she was asleep as the breeze there was in fact cooling and comfortable.
Later in the night, after the BBQ dinner, we celebrated my hubby's birthday up there as a surprise to everyone there too. All and all, it was a fun day for everyone!
P/s: Would love to go back there again, the breeze is so good and the quality of air is totally great.


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