Thursday, July 22, 2010


My latest craze........ an Ofuro - Bathtub. Well in short it is actually a wooden bathtub. I have been in love with bath tub ever since I was a child. I have always love soaking in the water for long hours. It makes me relax and yes I love reading and listening to music in a tub. Years ago when I studied overseas, I used to soak in a tub when I have the time... which is seldom too. I loved to go to sauna and steam room too during winter time as well then after that go for a swim........ you tell me it is damn relaxing. After that you bet..... sweet dreams will follow you.

So, after I came back to my hometown, I don't have a chance to enjoy a tub mainly because I do not have one and if I really want to, I have to go to mum's bathroom which is inconvenient. Later, when I actually have my own place to stay after married, sad to say that our small loft does not allow me to have a tub. Again, in my dismay, I fail to have a bath tub that I can call my own.

Well, I did promise my self if I ever get he chance to renovate another one of my own place; I DEFINATELY WANT A BATH TUB! Come on give me a break. Now before I go on and on, I have two kinds of bathtubs that I would really dream of having there are:

  • A Classic free standing Bathtub. (Like the blue tub above.)

  • A Wooden Bathtub - preferably a Hinoki tub from Japan. Here's some idea of what a Hinoki bath tub is!

Trust me both the tubs really fascinate me and of course the price of these tub is not cheap as well. Unless you get those from China maybe slightly cheaper. Pray to god... please I want one!


tubs cedar said...

Ofuro are different style,color, size, wooden and other. It is give a attraction to the bathing at morning, morning and tired time. Ofuro is beauty of shower.several features have been added to keep pace with the modern technology. Some of these include digital control panels and timers that help with automatic adjustments.

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Matelda said...

Hey thanks for enlightening me!


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