Monday, May 28, 2007

Act 1-Drinks that you hardly appreciate....

Bedak kid ventures out again last weekend, saw him holding a camera clicking away, you ask me where? I tell you somewhere around town. With bedak all over his face thick and white, he clumsily holding up his camera and point at a sugar-cane seller. I pass by and pop up a question on him. "What are you doing here?" he said, "Oh I am shooting this uncle and aunty here. They are selling sugar-cane drinks!" and "I love sugar-cane, grandma says it is a cooling drink when you are feeling thirsty like coconut! So early now, the coconut stall not open yet, so I drop by here lor. Their sugar-cane are different, more juicy and the taste is slightly different with a sweet pandan smell." I agree with him, the taste has a sweet sense of pandan flavour.
*note:(Screwpine leaves = pandan)
Bedak kid was drinking his sugarcane while describing all this to me... kinda nostalgic that my grandma too, once told me when they were young, they like to cut the sugar cane into sticks and bite them, so their juices will spread out in the mouth; meanwhile the chewing also helps strengthen the teeth. Well, I indeed bought a stick from this seller and cut them into pieces and chew it. What a wonderful way of enjoying a sugarcane! The seller was telling me that I must have strong teeth to bite all those!

In our tropical country, we are so use to sugar-cane and coconut; but in colder countries, they might not even heard of sugar-cane. It doesn't exist in their world. How often for you to find a sugar-cane drink in the US or even Europe? Answer is none, or hard to find.

Only tropical countries have sugar-cane. So, guess what we are lucky that there are still people selling drinks like that, like me and bedak kid we both enjoy sugar-cane drink.


GuyFriend said...

Too bad sugarcane juice isn't common "Down Under", and I wonder why....someone told me sugarcane has different species, and those planted across Brisbane aren't able to produce juice?!?!

Anonymous said...

i believe sugarcane is very important and do have verbal history tat relate to the chinese Hokkien people....


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