Tuesday, May 22, 2007

About this Blog of mine...

I came across this idea about creating this blog nearly few weeks ago, some people had asked me why? Also, I have use a nickname as well, and they ask me why too? A lot of 'Y's !! Alright, I think I will explain it here.
For me, writing a diary in the my younger days was a habit for me, but since then I was busy with my life and I stop doing it for a while. Now and then, time changes and I have come to think of life passes on every single minute and before I knew things happen and changes. I feel that my life is going on so fast that I had no time to look back and think. I want to record some of the events and ideas that came across me, so that I can share to others who had the same experiences and knowledge. Also, I think that maybe my future generations will get to see how I felt before about life and everything else.
Pictures and images can be recorded here for people to see the way I see things and feel them. I hope this blog will benefit all. I have my choice to links and topics, if you like you can drop in a comment. I do hope that this blog inspires all too.
About my nickname and blog address, it was inspire from Dante Alighieri. An Italian poet and writer. I love his 'Divine's comedy'. If you had read about his perception on Inferno, Purgotory and Paradise, you'll know what I mean. Matilda (in Dante's spelling "Matelda," representing "Lady Philosophy," is the object of Dante's affection after Beatrice. The picture here shows Dante's meeting with Matelda.
Now you know where this blog is inspire from!

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