Friday, May 25, 2007

Juicy Ribs...

Was thinking of having pork ribs the other day, and I came to watch this channel on the TV about this recipe, and I modify it because I do not take spicy food........ especially chillies! So I grilled these ribs without the spicy taste and add in a little more honey to get this juicy bite ribs! My hubby was not sure of the ribs as he dislike eating it, but in the end to my surprise he finish it all! Not a bad idea for a side dish! If you like this dish, you can view the recipe in the ""link.


sanguine said...

wow, the pork rib looks really really delicious, yumyum!! Thanks so much for the recipe, it comes really handy as im collecting recipe to cook for my bf :P

A suggestion for you, putting the grouprecipe direct link in your blog will be easier for you readers too :)

Looking forward for more yummy food recipe :), good luck!

Matelda said...

Thanks Sanguine, hope the recipe helps.


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