Sunday, May 27, 2007

Antique & Art

Something about antique, I know some people who actually collects antique, they can actually pay high price for it. For me, I do collect but for one reason only, sentimental values. I do not have lotsa money to spend so I appreciate antiques as in you can't buy it anymore, unless pay more than the actual price! There are few pieces that I had in my home. They are being pass down within the family tree. This "Ti Teng" or Sky Lantern is pass down from the generation of my great grandparents. We had polish it and re-paint it and fix it with new glass panel and lights before we attach it to my house. For your information, the person who fix the glass panel is kinda old.... and there are only a handful of these people around to fix it and paint the chinese character word on it. In the chinese culture, this lantern is suppose to fix it to the ceiling in front of the main door of your house, and it has to lit-up with a red-bulb.

In the interior, I have fix this lantern on my dining area. You can see that there is a "Hock" chinese character on it and there are a lot of signatures on it too.... how come?
I have actually paste all the signatures of the people who attended my wedding dinner. All of them sign it on a piece of paper and I glue them up on the lantern. This is a meaningful lantern for both me and my husband. Thanks to all our guest, now we have gota lantern that reminds us who had attended our wedding dinner.

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Anonymous said...

interesting and creative collection hope that yu can share with me with any of yur new creative art work....those that can be use to decorate my home too...


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