Saturday, May 19, 2007

They call it snake dance?

So some of them call it snake dance.... yeah right! Well, in Egypt, it's called "Dance of the Earth";Belly dance is a name that we created because it uses the muscle of the belly a lot and it shows the belly part. In US, there is this Tribal dance which include styles of different belly dance around the world and gypsy dance. The moves are a fusion of belly dance and tribal dance. There is much more to belly dance, as in you have to be an expert to know the difference. Here the picture shows the use of hand-cymbals; whereby you click on it to give a (cling) sound, according to the music and moves. There are many different props that a dancer can use while dancing, like a veil, cymbals, sword, cane, candles, torch.. as in fire on it; etc. Amazing right?
There are many types of belly dance and they are different kinds of belly dance depends on the country. The famous ones that are widely shown on MTV are Egyptian Belly Dance. Nowadays you tend to see everyone doing the same moves not knowing where it is from... pathetic!

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