Thursday, May 24, 2007

The story of Bedak kid..........

Bedak Kid is a cute little boy from Georgetown, Penang. He hangs around town searching for creative works and ideas of his old town. He always puts on 'Bedak' all over his face - this was a habit that he adopts from his old grandmother. Grandma says, "put on bedak everyday and night will help to smooth your skin." So, he sticks on to this idea and doesn't care that everyone calls him, 'Cat face'.

He cycles to school everyday with his old BMX bike, and to town every weekend to gather information of his old neighbourhood. He is brainy and speaks well in his mother tongue - Hokkien, and does speak simple BM, English and Mandarin. He is an obedient child, but sometimes cheeky too.

He has a "Tempurung" hair cut..... cut by his mother, who does not know any other way to cut his hair, other than using the technique of turning a bowl upside down on his head and cut the rest of the hair all the way. Queer isn't it?

He likes to wear a green t-shirt with a pair of KikiLala yellow shorts and runs around with Bata slippers while clinging on to his small mini camera, trying to shoot every single thing that he came across. Old grandma use to tell him stories that will inspire him to create a journal of his own. He will then show his journal to all his friends, Mutu, Ali, Ah Kia and Camry, his pet dog.

I wonder does he ever feel tired of what he is doing?

*Bedak* or Bedak sejuk - is a kind of substance that is formulated from rice, water and dried jasmine flowers. Traditionally said to help clear dirt and prevents pimples. Widely used in the Traditional Nyonya culture.

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