Sunday, May 6, 2007

Down town restaurant.

So you like the interior? This is somewhere down town in Taiwan... It's a restaurant! Alrite, they serve chinese food obviously but it's a traditional Taiwanese food! Well, first of all I am intrigued by how they serve the rice! As you can see in the picture, there's this flavoured rice with kinda soy saucing in it. It taste kinda oily a bit for those who detests fatty food I guess I have no idea whether you'll like it. Well I love it, it's the pungent flavour that you get in this rice that is so tempting! Well we had few dishes..... they present it like delicacies.... interesting rite! The fresh prawny with a kind of sauce in it, I really do not know how to describe it but it sure taste delicious. Then there's this dish.... well it looks like kinda sticky but it does not taste anything like it at all.
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