Saturday, May 26, 2007

Durain Fever!

The durian season has started. Well, I must say that our island's Durian has been famous for a long time, people from all over the country will tend to stop by here to enjoy the King of Fruits! Thanks to Tim of AsianExplorers, we get to know this "Bao Sheng Durian Farm" in Teluk Bahang.

This is Mr. Chang, who has briefly describe all the types of Durians for us. He has explain some details on growing the durian trees till the picking of durians. How to recognise the types of durian, through its aroma, colour, flavour, shape and texture. One tip here is, Mr. Chang said, "the best time to enjoy durians are in the evening around 6pm." So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at this Durian tree....... it's very tall and guess how old it is?

60years man! Older than me.

I had this buffet durian feast which included, Ang Heh, Khun Poh, Hor Lor, Iya Kang, 604 etc... Here shows Mr. Chang opening a durian! Yummy stuff. Alright, I tell what I love most, it's the Hor Lor & Iya Kang. For me Hor lor is sweet, sticky, chewy and its colour is yellowish and the seed is kinda small. (Jiu Ci)
As for the Iya Kang, it kinda whitish in colour but it almost melt in your mouth, no chewing is needed! There's no fibre in it, if you store in it the refrigerator, it almost taste like ice-cream. By the way did I mention creamy too?

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Anonymous said...

durian trees prefer lots of boulder as its roots prefer a cooler ground...and normally nets wil be fixed beneath each tree to protect the durian and for easy collection...and mangosteen will appear around the same time as durian follow by rambutans...


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