Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Little Adventure on a Boat Ride

Yumm.. Yumm...
Percieve this small boat trip..... I had while visiting Bangkok as an adventure! There's nothing more interesting than eating a bowl of piping hot noodles on board! Jugling between balancing and eating is fun! Love the pork noodles.. it's delicious no doubt about that! You should try it too....

Now I have taken a shot at the lady preparing the noodles in a "Sampan", look at the way she cooks, sure tells you a thing of two that she's good at it!

This photo here is another woman preparing stuff on a boat.... well I have no idea what she is preparing though, some sort like a salad..... well she's definately cutting something.

This seller is selling fruits on board! She is peddling the boat while calling out for customers........ there's this mangosteen , rambutan and Dunrian........... hmmm... looks good!

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