Sunday, May 20, 2007

Is it safe to even Walk?

This morning, I woke up and thought to myself that maybe I walk to the wet market today and buy some breakfast. So, I wake up, brush myself clean and prepare to set out on my trip. I put on my sunnies, slip on a sling bag and bring along an umbrella, as it was a Hot sunny day. I intended to put on my sunblock but didn't do so as I do not like the sticky feeling on my skin, yuks!
The distance was not too far just a few blocks away, I start my journey by walking along the sidewalk, holding my umbrella and cling on to my bag. Why I highlight this issue is, I suddenly realise it wasn't so safe for me to walk alone on the streets as I have heard a lot of news that there are lots of snatch thiefs around the neighbourhood! So I became cautious everytime and cling tight to my bag whenever a motorbike pass through my way. SAD huh! I actually wanted to enjoy this short trip as I feel I might see things differently on my way to the market and also it benefits me (as in healthy), but then again, I'll think twice if I want to venture out on this small trip again.
Another sad feature about my trip is, everytime a car drove by, the driver will pause and stare at me like I am weird or some sort....*sigh*.... so you can say that I am sensitive but it's true!
So tell me if my short trip is safe? It makes me wonder how safe the neighbourhood is! I guess in future, we might have a definate place for short walks......... maybe!

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