Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bang-In Palace

This is one of the royal summer palace's garden in the Bang-In palace inThailand. Plants are cut and trim to form into various animals. As you know one of the Thai people favourite anilmal is Elephant! See what I mean....

This shot here shows a unique bridge wherby both sides have roman statues on it. This bridge is obviously inspire by the roman art....
Look at this palace, it's one of the summer palace that the emperor of Thailand stay during summer. Fantastic right? It's one of the building in Bang-In Palace. Ermm....... it's like a whole big estate full of different types of buildings from different countries..... this was the brainchild of the current emperor's great grand father!! Fantastic right?
This is a sort of a temple which has the statue of the Emperor's son, according to history, he was one of the favourite son. You actually need to take a boatride to go near it!
This is one of the bulidings as well. Looks like a boat right? In the olden times, this is where the emperor and the royal family docks.... they travel by "klong" which is the thailand traditional long tail boat... and arrive and dock here to their summer palace!
This looks like a huge light house right? You can actually climb up there and view the whole palace! In the background, there is this Chinese temple look-a-like! Well, it's not a temple, but a chinese architecture palace!! Inside is where they store all the antique gifts that the China Emperor sent to the Thai Emperor.... you'll wonder how many antiques are there.... well we did not get to see it though!
If you ever visit Bangkok.... don't forget to visit this palace! Wonderful place......
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