Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is Beauty?

While browsing through the net I came across an interesting fact about "Women and Beauty". What is the definition of Beauty in women today? I am a fashion designer and of course I will keep on pursuing the dream of perfectness in all women... especially their beauty and body.
What I am proposing here is the facts about beauty.
First of all, all women are beautiful if, they are not lazy about presenting their own image.
Well then again what people perceive as beautiful depends on the eye of the beholder. Like who the woman wants to presents herself to; her hubby? her child? her family? her friends? or the public?
The myth is we must all wear makeup, get a hairdo, get a dress that suits and pair up with shoes and accessories. Oh trust me, we do not do that often, especially when you are on your way to do grocery shopping or pick up your kids at school.
Now what is beauty again?
  • First about makeup....... why airbrush off the true face of a woman and erase her true identity, power and history?
  • Hairdo..... why bother to colour your hair and done up nicely while you tie it all up whenever you are busy?
  • Dress..... why buy an expensive dress and want to remain in a certain shape while one does not keep their health in good condition?
  • Shoes..... if you bother to spend money on all the above... why not get a pair of good shoes that lasts and not one that is easily broke and uncomfortable?
  • Accessories... if you feel this is not important at all please don't bother to dress up!

If you really want to look good, do it everyday... not only on your wedding day or birthday only. Your identity and image is important, give yourself a chance and not excuse of being busy, no matter who you are dressing for, I always say you dress for yourself and no other person. The last thing we need is people telling us what to do with our body and image.

P/S: Oh do keep in mind that PLEASE dress according to who you are and not what you want! There's a big difference! A ten year old is not suppose to dress like her mother, likewise her mother should not dress like her child!

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