Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sexy Women...

Oh I just finish reading The Flirt by Kathleen Tessaro. A remarkable novel, it's a romantic comedy, very inspiring indeed too. I want to quote what the book mention about women's sexiness.
Here's an interesting fact:
What is the most sexy part in a woman?
Guess you will never get the correct answer. LOL
The most raw and potent part of sexiness in a woman is her IMAGINATION.
Don't believe me? Ask any woman you know and they will finally reveal and tell you this; not all woman will admit but it is so very true. If not tell me why woman sometimes find her lover boring and does not understand her all the time.... it is because woman like to imagine while man prefer the visual part... that's why people invent pornography for men and not woman!
Also you can see that woman love to buy things to inspire their imagination and hopefuly wish their counterpart will jump into their vision but then again hell..... the man would just jump in and get straight to the point. Well few men will join into those imagination hah! So that's the different between men and women.

So now you get it! :P

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