Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dreams O Dreams...

Talking about dreams, as I watch my little one grow each day, I do know that she dreams a lot as most of the time she's sleeping. I was wondering what kind of dreams she may be encountering each day.
I sometimes see her smile in her dreams and even laugh out loud till she's shaking... obviously she's having a pleasant dream like maybe she dreams of me playing with her? I wonder....
Then again she has her nightmares too, she will suddenly cry out loud and then continue to sleep after that... I wonder again what kind of bad dream she may be having.... like chasing after her bottle of milk? Hmmm... sometimes she will be sucking in her dreams as I can watch her sucking her way when she's sleeping; must be dreaming of teats I guess.
I am very fascinated by her expressions and moods while she's sleeping.... this may be a tiny episode in her life but quite entertaining to me. It is kind of interesting to guess what she's been dreaming as I feel that she has just arrive in this world and does not even yet recognize her surroundings; yet she already started to feel the abstract world in her dreams how peculiar indeed!

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