Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby's Fullmoon celebration!

Baby's fullmoon celebration was indeed a big deal for both hubby's family and mine. Each has their ideal version of celebrating the ordeal. As for me any kind of celebration are welcome.
First we had a dinner celebration with erm.... 15 tables which is about 150 people. Phew.... it wasn't my kind of celebration but it's ok for me. Then my parents also invite people to dinner in conjuction with my grandma's birthday... and that's another 16 tables which is 160 people; ok it is double happiness for grandma and my family. SO that's like a lot of presents and angpows too.
Then... that's not all. OMG! Some of the far relatives and friends are given "Nasi Kunyit and red eggs". Then last but not least, I have chosen to give out little cuppies which are shown here in the picture below, to my funky friends which are more modern and hip... not the traditional ones la or else they'll screw me and say why no red eggs?!?
Well I love these cuppies and have order some to give away....... so this will be those little memories that my baby will get to see and remember what her HUGE family did for her! LOL :P

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