Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Act 8- Handphones for kids?

Saw Bedak kid with his new toy today. He was talking over a handphone while Camry is sitting by his side near the small park in the center of town. He did not see me as he was concentrating talking over the phone. Ironically there's a phone booth beside him. Hah!
I kept on wondering kids these days at their tender age already own handphones. Carrying them anywhere they go. Some bring to school, some even talk in their bedrooms, some talk in the car, some place it beside them while they sleep.
Hold on a second here...... tell me something, how harmful are these electronic stuff? I thought the radiation are quite harmful and also we as adults are warn through emails, and stuff that the radiation can cause us cancer....etc. So why are kids allowed? Why does their parents allow them to use? The kids brain are still growing, and for no reason at all we expose these kids to these harmful radiation! Are you nuts?
Of course there are the safety issues.... how about training the kids well so they wouldn't rely too much on the handphones! Like remembering the house phone number? Like remembering what time you are fetching them... etc. Use when needed only, that is the rule. Not like everynow and then, like ignoring the normal phone and using handphones only.
At what age do you think it is possible for a child to own a handphone? Let me know what you think!

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