Thursday, August 16, 2007

Silky worm... to expensive fabric!

Well, when I was in Cambodia, I visited a Silk Farm. These are some of the processes that I manage to record. Indeed it is a tiring process. That's why silk are expensive!
In Cambodia, the people there are quite poor, they actually earn a hard living to make these silk fabrics.
In order to support them and help them earn a better living, the french NGOs actually set up a farm to train those Cambodians!
So, these are the silk cocoons from the silk worms..............

The silk worms will eat those leaves and grow then turn into those cocoons! Impressive?
They look like maggots to me....... yucks!

Well, this lady here are boiling those cocoons and spinning the silk into threads!

Watch the tiny threads!

Again, another lady is spinning the thread. Interesting!

Well, they will dye the silk threads with colour. These are the samples of colour. Mostly they use a natural dye.

So after dying the colours, they will dry it, by hanging it on a stick.

This lady here is weaving the silk cloth! She's separating the threads and colours carefully! A lot of work. She had sort of a guidance booklet in front of her, so she can determine the patterns.

Viola! This piece of cloth is done! Intricate designs right?


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