Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vege time!

Upon requested by my friend that I should maybe add some vegetarian kind of recipe... so here it is. :) I named this dish "Tofu & Shitake special linguine. The picture above shows this special (Five spice tofu) that I bought from the wet market. It is said that the taste and the aroma are different from the normal tofu. It has a kind of yellowish colour. This tofu is made by an old age man who actually sells his tofu from 5am in the morning, and it is always limited. So if you want to buy wake up early! :)
This is my special shitake mushroom seasoning. Well I add sake, mirin and soy sauce for the taste. Let it cooked for few minutes, viola!
Now this is the vegetarian dish! I add shreded carrot, some green vege, shitake mushrooms and lastly tofu. Fried together with linguine with the mushroom sauce, yummy! Done! It's easy, give it a try!

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