Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday to My Dearest Mother! 28/07/07

Mum, Happy 60th Birthday! This is a black forest cake, mum's favourite, so we decided that this will be the cake for her big day! Well we also did order Hazelnut cake for the rest of the company during the dinner celebration though! Good choice bro, as everyone loves it!
So, this is the "Bunch of Roses" that we ordered for mum! Well all together 60 roses! Big bouquet isn't it? There are some tiny bells too...... kinda interesting!
Well this particular photo is taken by me for the stamps...... which is my dad's gift for Mum on her big day. Well how does my mum look?

This symbolic peaches of longevity and prosperous cake is made of flour and is given to my mum from my hubby as a gift. So according to the traditional chinese cultural belief, it serve before the buddha and goddess first before it is taken by the family members. As always we will first pray before we eat right?
Well this is the logevity noodles that are being prepared in the morning for the family members and guests that arrive early in the morning to wish my mother. Well, my family does follow the traditions of the chinese culture! Honestly I do not really know what are the procedures, so I just follow! Well I got to eat and recieve ang pows too! This is the present that me and my brother presents to our mother, a bit rush but we all love the end product. This will be hung up in my mother's home for her memories!
So, these are the stamps that I've been rushing the "Pos Malaysia" for. Eventually after tracking them down with my long distance call to KL, they managed to sent it over to me on time for the framing..... and as our guest door gift! So my this is my Dad's choice of gift for her big day!
This door gift was given out during the dinner, and most of the guest thought that we kinda made it out on our own, well we have to really mention it that it can be mail out to friends! Well, I'll send them those photos with these stamps!

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